How to Rebuild Your Credit

Having good credit can open several doors and possiblities such as opening a business, buying a home, financing a car, and more. Although, if you have bad credit you can not get any of those things. Luckily there are ways to rebuild your credit.

You can rebuild your credit by paying off loads of debt or by going to a credit repair place to dispute some of your credit card charges, backed up payments, and even most loans.

Be aware that some of these companies are scams and will still take your money even if they dont fix your credit.

I ended up doing a little research to find a respectful company through the better business bearu called:


Disputebee is a credit repair software that helps automate the process of sending dispute letters. Just import your credit reports with one click and dispute negative inaccurate information.

So with Disputebee you don’t have to deal with the shady credit repair scammers.

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1.) Import your credit report, and don’t worry the Disputebee software will walk you through the process.

2.) After uploading your credit report you will be able to pick the things you want to dispute and take off the report. DisputeBee, will create letters for you to print out and send to the credit bureaus. So the software helps you leverage laws like the FCRA which often results in these items being removed from their credit report.

3.) After you mail your first round of letters to the bureaus, you will wait for a response and then upload it into DisputeBee. It often takes multiple rounds of correspondence with the bureaus to see any items get removed or for any information to be corrected.

Getting rid of debt has never been this easy and all you have to do is follow the three steps and the first step starts here:

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The Investor’s Rules

In this post we’re going to look at Benjamin Graham’s point of view on how a traditionial investor behaves and the rules that investors use to make major profits. These rules will guide us on how to invest like a pro.

Benjamin Graham is an American Ecomonist, Professor, and Investor. He is widely known for Value Investing. Benjamin Graham also taught the famous Warren Buffett.

1.) When buying a share of a company, the corporation should have a long history of dividend payments.

The reason you want the company to have this type of history is so that you can make extra money. Make sure to look at how much your getting in dividends. More isn’t always best in this case. Higher divident payments can make it harder for the company to pay you.

2.) Benjamin Graham talks about two types of investors in his book “The Intelligent Investor.” He states that there is a defensive and a enterprise investor. He goes on and tells his readers that the intelligent investor learns how to be both passive, and defensive by putting 25 percent in bonds and 75 percent in stocks.

He also states that if you can’t handle risk, than you should invest 75 percent in bonds and 25 in stocks.

3.) Always pick a stock that is undervalued and don’t follow the hype.

Wouldn’t you rather buy a product that is cheap but has good quality. Why not do the same with companies.

A way you can see if a company is undervalued is by:

– Looking at the PE/RATIO.

– Looking at the companies performance.

– And looking at how much debt the company has taken on.


When your looking at a potential stock, you would like the PE/RATIO to be normally below 10 or 15. This will show you that if the stock price is too high or just right.


To view a Companies performance you will have to look at how much income the company made after tax, debt, and liabilities. (I look at the income statement to see performance results.)


You will always need to keep a close eye on how much debt a company takes on. This will show on the balance sheet under liabilities or if a company wants to be sneaky they will just write it out in confusing words. The best companies are able to survive economic disasters by taking on less debt and cutting regular expenses. So during economic disasters great companies will be highlighted red, but on the spread sheets great companys will have higher profit margins than their competitors.

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More Money, More Ways?

WOW! This is a problem, why don’t people know how to make money without breaking their backs for it. Wouldn’t you like to learn how to make your money work harder than you?

Of course you would, who wouldn’t? I guess the only people who don’t want to learn more ways in making money, are those who overthink it.

OKAY! “News Flash” It doesn’t take a degree to learn this.

News Flash

You don’t have to be this guy with his arms crossed, who is probably going to be working for someone his whole life. Forget this guy. Let’s learn a new way.


Forex aka the “Foreign Exchange Market” is like the stock market, but (some might say) better. We can learn how to make “MORE MONEY” in Forex by answering these questions:




Foreign Exchange is based on switching (exchanging) different types of foreign money, such as euros or pounds.


The Foreign Exchange began during the biblical times, in this period of time the people exchanging currencies were called “Money-Changers.” The Money-Changers simply charged a fee or commission on each trade.

Holy Land

    The first recorded site for Exchanging was in the “Holy Land” but now since technology came out its on your phone or online through


The way you can make money in the foreign exchange is not just through commission anymore. You can make money in several ways:

  1.  Holding – Waiting for the value of a promising countries’ currency to go up.
  2. Trading in Bulk – Purchasing in quantity, waiting for a slight increase to sell.
  3. Options – You can make money through betting, if a currency is going to go up or down.


    With options, you’re going to be trading the right to the currency and you can choose whether its going to go up or down. If your predictions are right, you can make a lot of money, but it is very risky.


There are several places to start, but the best news is that you can start with as little as $50 at When I started using Forex, I only used $50 to get started and to make sure I was doing everything correctly I downloaded a demo app to learn how to use market information.


In summary, we talked about where the Foreign Exchange came from (The Holy Land) and how we can make money in the Foreign Exchange, by holding, trading in bulk, and selling options. Lastly, what we need to do to get started in the foreign exchange market is to invest a minimum of $50 on an app called, and don’t forget to study with the demo apps for Forex.

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Be The Bank happened to be one of the most profitable businesses, and not just because of the credit cards they offer. The way Banks our making their money is from interest. They get interest not just from common folks opening up credit cards, but other businesses as well. The way they make money from other businesses is through “Chip Readers.” Chip Readers can take up to 35% per transaction, other Chip Readers take a monthly fee. What I’m going to show you is how to be like the banks and rack up on interest. Ways you can rack up on interest is:10.jpg

  • Loaning out money through sites like Lending Club.
  • Loaning out money for real estate through sites like “Fundrise.”
  • Investing some money into other currencies through companies like Forex

Loaning money out can be very difficult at times, but through sites like Lending Club you are able to get back anywhere from 7% to 14% in interest on the money you invest into a individual. To make sure you are confident about the people you are loaning money to they provide you the credit score’s of the individuals who you think are a good candidate. This type of investing is called peer to peer lending, Lending Club is just an example there are other peer to peer lending companies available. With peer to peer lending there the minimum you can loan is $1000, the companies also take a fee of 2% or 3% of the interest made from investing.

The second way that I presented on how to gain interest is through “Fundrise” and Fundrise consist of a pool of investors investing into a property and receive an interest of approximately 5-12 percent considering how much risk you want to take. I am personally invested into this program and so far made more money from this account than my high yield savings account, but there is a fee which isn’t much so far they took only $0.44 out of my account. Then again I only have 1000 invested, but doing a little more research on Fundrise “The eDirect offerings — eREITs and eFunds — pay a 0.85% annual asset management fee. In addition, clients of the investment services and management system pay a 0.15% annual investment advisory fee, although this may be waived in certain circumstances.

Foreign Exchange

The foreign exchange market is arguably the largest market across the globe 

Written by:

one of the greatest ways to invest and it’s because when are economy is plummeting another economy will be thriving. It is similar to when your researching a stock, you have to read about different economies to see when or if their currency will change for the better or worse. When I was dealing with Forex, I was able to get 10 percent back from my investment. There are always tricks and tip to use for Foreign Exchange such as tracking financial news daily, staying away from Forex bots, and using margin wisely. I can’t explain this massive investment all in this post so I’m making a separate post to let you in all the details, but until next time, Let me know if this post was helpful to you


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Passive Income

Passive income is earnings derived from a rental property, limited partnership or other enterprise in which a person is not actively involved. As with active income, passive income is usually taxable. However, it is often treated differently by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Portfolio income is considered passive income by some analysts, so dividends and Interest would therefore be considered passive.

quoted by:

I have read, listened, and saw plenty of CPA’s, Real Estate agents, and Financial Advisors talk about passive income; but their are only a few to do while in college with limited funds (money).

The first one is my favorite which is a High Yield Savings account. So instead of getting a penny $0.01 a month for every $1000 dollars, you have your getting $2 a month that’s a huge difference. The reason why this is my favorite type of passive income is because I am able to invest at a very low risk which means I am less likely to loose my investment.

The Secondary way to create passive income is through Real Estate Pool Investing which gives you over 5% back in interest. Which is pretty cool considering that your only getting 0.09% from your current savings account with your ordinary bank. I currently made $22 from letting my money sit. I’ve been using a popular and reliable platform called, Fundrise. What Fundrise does is raise money for a specific Real Estate Property that gives you back and average of %5 back on what ever you decide to put in. The minimum amount to get started is only $500 and it’s pretty easy to setup.

The last passive income is the stocks market. The reason why I put the stock market as a passive income is because there is a slight trick to making the stock market passive now of course your not going to make as much as active people in the stock market you can still make a significant amount from dividends. Dividends is “money” the company gives the stock holder for per share. Sometimes they give it quarterly or monthly, the best dividend stock out there right now from the time writing this post is “PSEC.”

There many other ways to create passive income. Even some businesses can even be passive. Writing is one of the most passive incomes created, think about the only work you do is to write the book, publish, and promote. This is why many pastors and entrepreneurs write books, it’s an investment that accrues interest over time by promoting yourself.




I know that a lot of YouTubers and Bloggers talk about side hustles and how to make money on the side, but they normally lead you to a survey site that takes forever just to make only 1 dollar. I’m not here to give you another site I’m here to give you an answer.

  • Well let me just start off by telling you what side hustle I did, I helped renovate condos and houses for a Property Owner. I was the one to set the prices for the labor and he was the one to provide the supplies and tools. I made an extra $50 – $500 on my spare time doing this, I’m not telling you to do exactly what I’m doing what I am telling you is to find these three things when looking for a side hustle.
    • Find a need
    • How can you help
    • How much is your help worth

    I started working for a Property Owner through someone I already knew, which was my dad. My dad wasn’t going to be able to help any more and so he ask if I could take his place.

    Find a need

    How many people do you know that are doing something right now for someone else and getting paid for it. There’s always a friend that need to either have their car washed, build furniture, or just need an extra pair of hands. The goal is to point out the majority of people with a specific need that you can help.

    How can you help

    Volunteer your services, through helping others for free at first you will find areas that you are good at and potentially can get paid for. As you volunteer you will be able to figuring out how you can help people, maybe it’s through renovating, baby siting, or taking wedding pictures. Once you find out how then you can figure out who would like your services (potential Clients).

    How much is your help worth

    The Property owner that I was working under told me how much do you think your worth. He wasn’t trying to low ball me, he was trying to see how good I think I am at my job. So I put a number on it, just starting out in “Renovation” I figured I was low quality. So I started low because I knew there was going to be areas I would mess up in. Slowly I started getting higher in my pricing making $300 on one job.

    Eventually once you become better at your side hustle the worth of your work goes up in quality and price.


    By over charging your decrease client satisfaction. Which means no call backs, no client returns, or scarcity of clients.

    Double Up

    Lets Double Up, lets make something work, lets do what broke people don’t know how to do, but how do we do it ?

    There are a lot of easy, but difficult task to do in order to double your profit (money). Let’s see how to do this effectively to where we double our profits continually. Here are different ideas and proven methods to “DOUBLE UP!”

    Photo by Pixabay on

    First off I suggest finding something your good at doing it might be fixing, creating, selling, or maybe you can speak two or more languages. Find your talent first and feed into it.

    I found this post to be important because I made an extra 1000 just by doing these tips. My skill is fixing cars. Knowing that I went surfing the web for cars I know I can fix with little cost. You will never guess what I found… I found a 2000 BMW 323i listed for $550.00 looking at the problems on the vehicle I knew it was a easy fix. I had to replace two heater pipes for the coolant system, which only costed me $300 in parts. For a totally profit of $1,150.

    This is just an example of what you can do on eBay, OfferUp, LetGo, and Craigslist. Search for and item you know is worth more then is listed and flip it for some profit. This could be furniture, games, Jewelry, or maybe even cars. For my creatives out their you can find items that are cheap to create something worth buying.

    We can can double up are income just by using these three things.

    • Searching

    • Fixing/Cleaning/Creating

    • Selling at listed cost

    If you choose to use these tips you can double your profits easily. Learn how to post your products on as any selling platforms as you can. You’ll soon end up doubling up your income in no time I hope for the best for you guys.

    Mobile Status

         Not many people have the opportunity to sit down and plan out what to do with there finances and how their going to invest. I find one of the most rewarding things in life is to be proactive with the time. Everyone knows there is only 24 hours in a day and 60 minutes in a hour. Take it a bit further and there is 168 hours in a week and 10,080Mobile  status 2.jpg minutes in a week. The average person works 40 hour weeks, which means their left with 128 hours. I am not going to tell your how to manage your time this isn’t what this post is about. What I am trying to tell you is that you can manage your investments with only 3 hours per week, and still make money to build a future.

         Earning a lot of money is not the key to prosperity. How you handle it is.

    Quoted by: Dave Ramsey 

    Dave Ramsey is one of the most biggest authors for financial growth and debt recovery. His net worth is $200 million. Dave is also a great businessman who has a website and a channel on YouTube Dedicated to help individuals get out of debt.

    So the ways that help you with your finances on the go that hardly take up any time are:

    • Mint
    • Lending Club
    • M1 Finance


    Mint is an application you can get on your phone for free and it helps you see where your money is going. Mint helps you save and gives you notification regarding your spending. I personally use this app and I find it to be helpful. In the app it even shows passive ways to invest, and even shows you credit cards that give you the highest rewards.

    Lending Club is a peer to peer lending application that you can download. They offer 3-8% back in interest per year. The minimum needed to start investing with this company is only $1000. Lending Club shows you everything you need to know about the person your want to invest in, also gives you an option for risk. The higher the risk, the higher the percent.

    M1 Finances is an online investing app that takes $0 to start and no cost or fees on your first trade. I heard about this site from my favorite financial planner Jeff Rose. They also have automated investing that allows you to be the passive investor you want to be. They also let you pick stocks that you know and want to invest in. M1 finance is also “TAX FREINDLY” which means you don’t have to pay taxes on your earnings.

    What’s The Plan

    Success can not happen with out dedication and most importantly goal setting. Writing down your personal goals is the easiest part of goal setting. The difficulty in goal setting is achieving your goals. So what’s the plan ?


    Okay so what’s one of your goals ? Maybe you want to build your own business or retire at a young age. That’s great, but let’s take it one goal at a time. We all have big plans for ourselves but we don’t really do the work for setting goals to get there. If you are wanting to retire at a young age do you have a stock broker or investment account yet, if not go look for the best of the best rates and returns first then select your plan. This is just one step you can make now towards your goal. Find your vehicle, some cars go faster than others its the same for your investments, just way out the risks. If you choose a faster vehicle for your investments, you might crash. If you choose a slower vehicle you are less likely to crash because your going the speed limit.

    Related image

     As you choose your vehicle and set reachable goals, you want to have a vision behind it all. The bigger your vision, the more drive it will bring when accomplishing your reachable goals. Allow me to give your an example:

    my vision for everything I do is to influence and change the bad habits of the world to create an atmosphere where people are selfless more than selfish.

    SUMMARY: set reachable goals and a line it towards your vision.


    Caution if you are reading this you are willing to invest in your knowledge of finances. To kick this message off, the starting question that you should be asking about your finances is “how important is it to you?” self reflecting about the importance of your finances is key to realizing where you’re at with your finances. If your finances is important great, and if your finances are not as important to you then lets improve that.


    The key to success is to be aware, so I say to you be aware of your finances. If you lost your job today would you be able to live comfortable for at least three months?

    To tell you a little bit about myself and why I am so passionate about finances is that very question. Last year I put everything I know about finances to the test. I minimized my expenses, I saved a third of what I was making, I kept half of my money in a high yield savings account, and I bought stocks that gave dividends. I was planning on quitting my job as a car salesman because I wanted to further my education on business administration. It’s been six months since I quit my job and I currently rely on the interest and dividends provided by my stocks and high yield savings account.

    I may not have a degree in accounting or Business but I am constantly practicing and learning more each day about finances, Investing, Belief, and Business. My question to you as a reader is will you join me on this journey to success.

    Warren Edward Buffett said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

    Warren Buffett is one of the most successful business men, that I look up to as a mentor. He is constantly investing with caution. For instance, When Warren Buffett was starting his business as an investor he had $9,800. Eventually Warren increased his capital to $140,000. Warren Buffett increased his capital by being interested in how a company worked and what made it superior to competitors, rather than just looking at balance sheets and income statements.

    What is going to grow your saving, your investments, and your finances in general; is how cautious you are. Here is a quote from Warren Buffett about success.

    high returns with low risk is the key

    The best way to lower risk when it comes to investing is being cautious about who you are investing in. It is important to be aware of the state your finances are in as well, just like investing the more you know the less debt or the less risk of going in debt you will have when dealing with your finances. Now you know the importance here are some application steps you can take to be more cautious when dealing with your finances.

    • Review your bank statements
    • Look at your regular expenses
    • Lower fast food or coffee expenses

      For the first point, the reason why I say review your bank statements because it’s a way to self-reflect on your spending. Ask yourself, “Where is the majority of my money going?” It is important to be aware of your spending because sometimes we get a little too carried away with spending money we don’t have, on things that we think we deserve. If you have to use a credit card for a purchase, you have not earned the right to make the purchase.

    For point number two, Looking at your regular expenses help you find out how much is left over after your bills. If you don’t have any money left over, that is a key indicator saying that you either have to cancel a subscription or gym membership you are probably not using. It can also mean you have to down grade either your TV provider or Cellular Service. This a little change that can make to give you a little bit of financial relief. Which means more money for investments.

    Last but not least, Lower fast food or coffee expenses. This is an automatic wealth killer because the average American spends $1,200 on fast food per year. If you stopped buying fast food for a year you can buy 6 shares of McDonald’s giving you a dividend yield of 2.23 per share which means more money made and less money spent. For coffee the average American spends $1,100 per year. That means if you stop drinking coffee for a year you will be able to buy 16 shares of Starbucks giving you a dividend yield of 1.86 per share (more money in your pocket).

      I truly believe that if we can just be cautious in our finances we will be able to go from being low-income individual to millionaires. Just from being aware of our spending.