I know that a lot of YouTubers and Bloggers talk about side hustles and how to make money on the side, but they normally lead you to a survey site that takes forever just to make only 1 dollar. I’m not here to give you another site I’m here to give you an answer.

  • Well let me just start off by telling you what side hustle I did, I helped renovate condos and houses for a Property Owner. I was the one to set the prices for the labor and he was the one to provide the supplies and tools. I made an extra $50 – $500 on my spare time doing this, I’m not telling you to do exactly what I’m doing what I am telling you is to find these three things when looking for a side hustle.
    • Find a need
    • How can you help
    • How much is your help worth

    I started working for a Property Owner through someone I already knew, which was my dad. My dad wasn’t going to be able to help any more and so he ask if I could take his place.

    Find a need

    How many people do you know that are doing something right now for someone else and getting paid for it. There’s always a friend that need to either have their car washed, build furniture, or just need an extra pair of hands. The goal is to point out the majority of people with a specific need that you can help.

    How can you help

    Volunteer your services, through helping others for free at first you will find areas that you are good at and potentially can get paid for. As you volunteer you will be able to figuring out how you can help people, maybe it’s through renovating, baby siting, or taking wedding pictures. Once you find out how then you can figure out who would like your services (potential Clients).

    How much is your help worth

    The Property owner that I was working under told me how much do you think your worth. He wasn’t trying to low ball me, he was trying to see how good I think I am at my job. So I put a number on it, just starting out in “Renovation” I figured I was low quality. So I started low because I knew there was going to be areas I would mess up in. Slowly I started getting higher in my pricing making $300 on one job.

    Eventually once you become better at your side hustle the worth of your work goes up in quality and price.


    By over charging your decrease client satisfaction. Which means no call backs, no client returns, or scarcity of clients.