During COVID-19 individuals have been loosing almost everything including their jobs. So for this post I want to focus on giving you the tips to save money, so that you can work your budget even harder.

Ever since I first started working, I have been practicing different forms of budgeting. For example, I went through apps, reminders, and automated billing.

What surprise me was that even though these methods helped, it did not prevent me from buying unnecessary things.

I had to figure out how to prevent myself from making small purchases that threw my budget out of whack, I needed to make it difficult to purchase things, but readily available for primary expenses.

Like rent, car payments, insurance, and etc.

So I came up with a way to measure and prohibit me from going out of budget, and it was as simple as me starting another account.

A lot of individuals don’t use their savings account and most likely its because they think they don’t have enough to save.

Here’s the catch they don’t look at there savings as temporary storage. What I mean is this, if you put all your money in your savings and only put the money you originally should be saving into your checking. You will not be able to spend more because its not readily available.

With this budgeting plan you can pay your bills through your savings, plus what ever is leftover you leave in your savings.

The only reason why this method worked for me is because of my debit card which is only linked to my checking.

WARNING: each bill that you have to pay must be connected to your savings account, so that your checking will not be over drawn.

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